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Welcome to Bangor Fuels

We are the company you can always rely on. Come rain , hail or snow, we will do everything it takes to deliver your order on time, every time. Our 18 year history in the fuel trade speaks for itself.

We also have a cash and carry based at Balloo Drive, Bangor, where you can collect coal, gas cylinders or emergency drums of heating oil.

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  • Save up for your next oil payment in our Savings Kitty! No cost, 100% FREE!

Savings Scheme


Our savings scheme can be set up in your local bank and works as a standing order from your account.IT IS TOTALLY CONTROLED BY YOU. It is flexible so that you can put in as much or as little as you want, weekly or monthly. When it comes to order oil, we can check your account and use your money towards your delivery. Please note all deliveries have to be settled in full on or before delivery. For further details, please contact our office.